At JIC Inter, we strive to ignite the star within individuals and organizations, helping them transform by unlocking their capacity and potential to be successful and to transcend personally and professionally.
To fulfill our purpose and to better serve our clients, JIC Inter offer professional services that can be adapted to their specific needs and could be delivered in different formats.


We drive Business and Functional Transformation and strategy creation, leveraging Operational Excellence methodologies.

Transformational Coaching

We offer different types of  transformational coaching including: one on one, groups and targeted audiences. 


Leadership Development

We provide skills and tools for: Personal Growth, Motivation, Leadership and more.

Webinars & Seminars

We offer different webinars and seminars that are designed to help you unlock your potential.

Online Training

Our online training service is specialized in helping you master our philosophy for success and transformation.


Workshops & Masterminds

We offer workshops and masterminds in different countries.

“Helping Organizations and Individuals unlock their Potential and Capacity for Greatness through Transformation.”