His 27 plus year career has been in the areas of manufacturing, operations and human resources in global diversified industrials, including leading high performance cross cultural and both operational and functional teams utilizing diversity and inclusion, Lean Six Sigma and A3 Strategic Thinking methodologies to attain optimal performance, grow leaders, develop talent, simplify complicated processes and drive transformation.


There are a few principles for success that I base my work on:

– Everyone is a potential star waiting to be unlocked and ignited.
– The Secret of Living is Giving. Be abundantly grateful.
– Believe in infinite possibility – Visualizing is realizing.
– We are the creators of our life and not the managers of our circumstances.
– Life happens for you and not to you.
– Choice and not chance determines your destiny.
– Its not your conditions but your decisions and actions that Transform your life.
Be the change you want to see.

“Helping Organizations and Individuals unlock their Potential and Capacity for Greatness through Transformation.”


We start by understanding that our decisions Transform our life. Then, we help others to do the same by unlocking their Potential and Capacity for Greatness through transformation. It is about helping people and organizations to find their life’s why (purpose), then their what and how, and then to take action. Their legacy.


I was born in Mexico City, lived in New York and grew up in Monterrey, Mexico. Since a very young age, and because my Dad was an opera singer, I was exposed to many cultures, where for me to navigate across them, understanding, respecting and valuing them for their differences and contributions became natural.