Helping Organizations and Individuals
Unlock Their potential

Helping others to unlock their potential and capacity for greatness through transformation is what we do on our company.

We Help You Develop Skills for

We understand the power of transformation that’s why we offer services that will help you create a positive impact in your personal and professional life.

Helping Organizations and Individuals
Unlock Their Potential.

Helping others unlock their potential and capacity for greatness through transformation is what we do in our company.

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JIC Inter was founded to provide international professional services in the areas of consulting, coaching and leadership development. Our mission is to solve our client’s business challenges through functional transformation and by developing creative, innovative and sustainable solutions today.

What we offer

To fulfill our purpose and to better serve our clients, JIC Inter offer professional services that can be adapted to their specific needs and could be delivered in different formats.


We offer business and functional transformation and strategy creation, leveraging operational excellence methodologies.


Transformational Coaching

The power of transformation lies in the power of the conversation, our roles is to help people unlock their potential bettering themselves and their lives.


Leadership Development

Provides skills and tools for leadership and personal growth in the areas of: Motivation, Leadership, Creativity and Innovation, Operational Excellence and Human Resources.


“Helping Organizations and Individuals unlock their Potential and Capacity for Greatness through Transformation.”


Javier Iglesias  leverages an award-winning career as a highly successful multilingual and multicultural executive leader in his role as a trusted advisor to clients.


Countries traveled.


Years of Experience


Projects completed.


People impacted


Global HR Operational Excellence Function and Strategy

Global HR Processes and Policies Standardization

Human Resources Transformation

HR Operating Model Redesign and Deployment

HR Shared Services area in Latin America


My name is Javier Iglesias

For the past 27+ years, I have been an executive in the areas of Operations and Human Resources for large Global Diversified Corporations driving Transformation and Operational Excellence.

This gave me unprecedented opportunity to travel the world, work and coach very successful business leaders and to create and test different frameworks and operational models successfully.

Now, after retiring from the Corporate world, I dedicate my life to paying forward the nuggets of wisdom I have learned and treasure, helping Organizations and individuals unlock their potential for greatness, and to ignite their star within those who aspire to do so.

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In JIC Inter we help our clients transform their life's while staying true to our values.